Ministry Groupe.

IOTA Ministry Groupe is a worldwide reach out mandate, divinely crafted and given by God to His servant, Apostle Joseph Kwadwo Yeboah, in a twin encounter during periods of earnest waiting on the Lord characterized by fasting and prayers within the years 2010 and 2012.

Our Core Virtues

IOTA MINISTRY GROUPE, in all of its operations, is driven by three core virtues.


Job 32:8 “But there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.”


Integrity is that grace virtue that drives us to know the truth and abide unconditionally by it in order to be holy as God is


The Inspiration of the Almighty is God’s creatorship giving birth to man’s creativity. Creativity is the empowerment with exceptional insights and innovative intelligence to come up with strategic inventions that cause positive change.

About Our Founder

Apostle Joseph Kwadwo Yeboah is a dynamic minister and leader set on an ordained assignment to contribute his grace given quota to the edification of Christ by the preaching of uncommon depths of the truth in Gods Holy word. He ministers to awaken consciousness that men must be saved by grace in Christ, filled and actively led by the Holy Spirit unto maturity. With the few years that God has graced him In ministry, he has been a vessel through which God has released a blessed word that inspires hearers to intensely desire an encounter with The Divine through Christ Jesus.

Since his ordination in 2014, he has served as the Senior associate Pastor of Word Faith Chapel and has witnessed the effect of his ministry cross borders to various places of the world. His ministry is characterized by an unusual depth of revelation into The Word of God, prophecy, intimacy with God through worship and the release of God’s power in healing, miracles, deliverance and the interpretation of dreams and Divine messages.

Wisdom Coated

Written by Apostle Joseph Kwadwo Yeboah

Are you in search of sound biblical wisdom to prop you up, guide and motivate you to excel in your domain? Then again, do you feel like giving up, as a christian professional, in your business because of the challenges of the times and are in need of a word in season to sustain you?


To see a spiritual people who by inspiration, integrity and creativity have Godliness that is profitable and impactful in all spheres of life.


Using inspired teaching to project from God’s word, uncommon wisdom modules and success cultures for leading productivity in all mountains of influence in the world.
To employ teaching sessions, innovative workshops, strategic routines and skill drills to help people develop the character and discipline to practice a productivity culture.


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